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Infographics in the Classroom

The worlds of infographics and classrooms are colliding and this is definitely a fad that teachers can get behind.  Infographics from sites like Piktochart and allow students to display their knowledge and learning through graphic design.  With pre-made templates and layouts, students can demonstrate their understanding of a concept within minutes compared to the labor and effort poster projects would have required.

And the best part of web-based projects is the unique url!  Students can now share their projects with just a few clicks with embed codes and hyperlinks.  "Embed the Web" is the digital teacher's nirvana!

For an example of how infographics can be used in the classroom, here is one of my own.  A class assignment asked us to watch Todd Rose's TedX on The Myth of Average, read this article and explore the Center for Individual Opportunity website.  This is a compilation of my learning:

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